Write articles and earn money per article

Did you know some websites pay you to write? There are many ways to make money with your writing skills. You can be paid per article, per blog post, or even per tweet!
All the sites listed below will pay you for writing an article. If you don’t have a website, it’s time to raise your profile and get one. Joining a writing community is also a great way to improve your reputation and get more work.

  1. Blogger News Network
    Blogger News Network is an aggregator of news and information on the Internet. It is a new way to share your thoughts.
  2. DistroKid
    Distrokid is an online publication that pays you to write an article for their website and publish it on their website. They have a very simple concept. If you have the skill, communication and hard work to write about some issues, then you might be able to earn money from them.
    They have established a reputation for writing articles that are well-written, thought-provoking and informative. So if you want to start earning money as a writer, then this is the place for you.
    The site has been around since 2010 but they only recently began paying writers. The pay starts at $100 per article with a minimum of $1 per day of work. They also enable writers to publish with them on their site, which gives writers the right to share their articles all over the world via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and blogs through Blogger or Tumblr.
  3. HubPages
    The more you read and the more you write, the better your chances of getting paid. Don’t ever stop writing. The more you write, the better your results and the more readers will find your work valuable.
  4. iWriter
    It’s easy to hear about sites that pay you per article. They’re all free. And that’s just fine because there are no rules for you. There is no way to ensure that you get your money back or to see how your content will be used. If you want to make money, it’s up to you — and if you don’t want the money, then forget this whole article.
    This doesn’t mean that these sites aren’t worthwhile though. You might find a site like this one intriguing since they pay every week
    The site is geared toward writers who want content written for them; once they accept an assignment, they can use the site to get paid every week or every month depending on their income. It does take some time, however, because it requires them to write for 4-5 hours a day for 4 weeks straight — there is no way around it.
  5. MediaBistro
    MediaBistro is an internet advertising marketplace that pays publishers and bloggers based on the number of views their articles receive. All you have to do is register, upload your content and list it on the site.
  6. MyCred
    It is the particular way in which writers are paid for their work that makes writing money. We have this weird thing called “cred”.
    What is cred? Essentially, it is an online reputation. It’s a reputation that can be earned and associated with our writing. We are not selling our writing, we are simply selling our reputation. Writers get paid for the work they do and if they do a good job then they will be rewarded by many people who want to read what they write.
  7. StumbleUpon Submission Service
    StumbleUpon is a popular website that allows authors to monetize the traffic generated from their content by paying them for it. The service is simple. You create an account and make a list of your most popular articles and choose a price — $100 or $500 — then submit your article to the site, which will pay you based on the number of clicks you receive.
  8. TakePitch
    If you are serious about earning a decent income from writing, then you should pay attention to the tips that follow. There are some websites out there that will pay you a lot of money for the articles that you submit to them. The question is how much do they pay?
    TakePitch is one such website that offers writers sizable sums of money to write articles. The website’s chief executive officer (CEO) told us, “We try to get relevant content written by our writers and then they would be paid every time they publish an article on our service.”
  9. Textbroker
    Content is King. But if you want to make money with your writing, you need to create compelling content that people want to read. Content is king, but at the same time, it’s not enough. Publishing a blog or a book will do nothing to advance your career. You need to write compelling articles that generate lots of traffic and comments from readers.
    This is where Textbroker comes in handy, as their auto-journalist software allows writers to format articles quickly and easily. They have a large list of free resources for writers who want more control over the content they publish on the web. The software works well on all major platforms (PC, Mac and Linux), making it easier than ever for writers to publish their content on all major publishing platforms (eBook, ePub, Kindle and iBooks).
  10. ArticleDynamics
    ArticleDynamics is a unique and innovative website that allows writers the opportunity to share their work with the world. The site allows writers to post an article, and pay for it through a subscription. The fees are based on the number of views/clicks and the profit percentage earned by that writer.
    The site has over 500+ authors that have published articles on various subjects, including news, reviews, interviews, comedy and many more. All of the authors are compensated for their work and receive payment either through PayPal or via credit card once the article has been published. The site also allows writers to create customized templates for their articles that can be hosted at no cost (although the author)

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