What is the Scale Of Tesla’s in Headquarter?

Ever since Tesla set out to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy in 2003, they have been consistently knocking it out of the park. Cars as impressive as a Tesla need an impressive workspace and efficient production line and there’s no doubt they have both down pat. Located in Austin, Texas the Tesla HQ and factory spans 5.3 million square feet and employs over 10,000 people. But how does it work inside today we’re going to take a rare peek inside the fremont facility.

Tesla’s Gigafactory

Tesla milestones after delivering a record number of evs in the fourth quarter of 2020. Tesla is preparing for an even bigger year with global expansion in the cards. It hit its goal of delivering half a million cars in 2020 but it can barely keep up with production. So to solve that little problem Tesla gigafactories have been cropping up around the world for sometime.

Now even with that limitation tesla has done quite well for itself. Tesla’s first car was the Roadster and its debut proved that electric cars could be just as fast as any fossil burning vehicle. Next came Tesla’s Model S in 2012 to prove Teslas’ could be luxurious soon after tesla established its supercharger network allowing EV owners to finally take long road trips without worrying about range.

Tesla’s Model S

In 2015, Tesla set its sights on semi-self-driving systems and started actively working towards achieving full autonomous driving. During all that tesla launched a red roadster into space announced the Tesla semi in the most rock concert-like reveal and kept way above general motors. Ford’s market value despite being the new kid in school.

Now how are they pulling that off Elon Musk’s social presence definitely helps with marketing the brand. But marketing isn’t everything you need a good product and Tesla is arguably one of the very best. With no small thanks to its highly efficient production and assembly line Tesla headquarters and factory. Tesla’s factory in Texas is unsurprisingly one of the world’s most advanced automotive plants sitting on 370 acres of land.

Elon Musk calls it a machine that builds machines and rightly so this was tesla’s first large-scale production facility ever. It opened in 2010 now of course they have several massive gigafactories around the world. But this is where it all started the head of the operation or the central nervous system is the tesla fremont offices.

Founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX: Elon Musk

Just like in the SpaceX offices Elon Musk prefers not to have walls and cubicles in his workspace. Because it limits conversation and the flow of ideas so instead you have everyone from designers to engineers working together to create magic.

The actual assembly in production of course happens just below these offices in the factory. Unlike its other factories the fremont factory wasn’t built from scratch. This facility used to be home to general motors from 1962 to 1982. Before Toyota’s new united motor manufacturing incorporated or numi swooped in to buy it for 800 million dollars. Toyota then sold this 800 million dollar factory on May 20th 2010 for just 59 million dollars.

It included much of the manufacturing equipment too and you thought you were good at bargaining. What followed was some extensive remodeling of the offices in the factory. The floors were painted white and a lot of the machinery was painted red.

A fresh modern update for a modern car to brighten up a once dark space. Tesla added skylights to provide workers with natural sunlight the offices went from a dull drab space to a clean modern looking lit. Up work area with new systems the Tesla headquarters also has an employee training center.

Tesla Inflated Australian Delivery Numbers

A cafeteria several food trucks on campus a fully fitted state-of-the-art gym and a 24/7 in-house medical center. Tesla takes good care of their workers in the factory everything is automatic. The fremont factory is home to the Model 3 and the assembly lines for it are heavily automated to eliminate the more difficult and repetitive tasks. The need to lift heavy awkward parts. There was a time tesla had too many robots and even elon musk admitted that excessive automation at tesla was a mistake.

But now they seem to have found a balance between robots and humans. Now Tesla has a criteria for when to use humans and when to use robots. Basically machines are great at working with parts that are always the same size like metal bolts, batteries and battery packs.

When it comes to working with fabrics belts and wires humans are better. The system that controls the whole intricate process of assembling the Model 3 is Tesla’s manufacturing operating system. It’s all created by software engineers sitting in the tesla offices.

Typically the job of making the operating system is outsourced making their own system has enabled them to fine-tune the equipment and processes. Sure it’s more expensive but with a market valuation of over 800 billion. It probably makes the smallest most unnoticeable dent making their own operating system. Also gives them flexibility so they can develop or change their equipment. Before a competitor would even be able to get a formal proposal together to send to its supplier.

Inside Tesla Gigafactory Office

In addition to assembling the car and giving it the final touches. The fremont location is also a manufacturer for key components of the vehicle. In fact the tesla campus include several smaller buildings dedicated to making various vehicle components. For example there’s a whole unit just for manufacturing tesla seats just minutes away from the headquarters. It’s a rather plain looking factory and doesn’t get as much light as the main factory but it has still made a name for itself in the auto industry.

Tesla Interior Office

The seats that go into Tesla’s vehicles are not just any seats but world-class automotive seats. That are assembled with vegan fabric which is actually superior to regular leather. In every noteworthy way Tesla’s vegan leather seats are aesthetically beautiful durable highly stain resistant super soft and of course eco-friendly. But this is far from high tech if you want something more complex tesla also has units dedicated to making autopilot hardware and battery management systems.

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