What Is Google Ads, and Different between Google Ads or Google Adsense

Google Adsense and Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Most of the time when you search for any services and products you see an ad for a specific company’s landing page that ranks on the first (or second, or third) against search results on Google, which we can also call the top absolute page position. it is not just because of SEO; the company likely has the google ads campaigns underway.

Google ads (previously known as Google AdWords). in which you need to pay Google ad for your business shown to customers who search for relevant terms on google search engines and maps. Google Ads is an authentic key digital marketing tool for every niche of business that is looking to provide written ad copies in front of its target audience.

Through Google Ads, You only pay for what you serve in actuality, quantifiable results, such as click-on ads and business calls. This process is known as a Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Model. You have the opportunity to set the monthly google ads campaign ad-spend cap by setting the monthly and daily budget and control on cost-per-click (CPC) Google ads will automatically follow the already setup settings, and you can also choose your audience global or local wise.

Difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense?

Most people confuse about what is google ads or Google AdSense, are these the same? Don’t worry I was confused too at some time but now I have cleared my way and now it’s your turn. so basically Google ads are the platform where many businesses advertise their businesses such as products and services, this is paid platform. By contrast, Google Adsense is the platform that gives the opportunity to those, who have their own platforms such as blogs, websites, and forums _ to monetize their properties via ads for ads other businesses and get paid for this. Google will take the decision and uses the google ads auctions detail to determine which ads are shown via Google AdSense, and users of Google Advertising may need to tweak their ads in order to perform better in the Google Ads Auction.

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