“What If we have had two moon?”

“We have had one moon, yes, but what about a second moon?”

If we could ride along with the NASA’s spacecreaft Juno, we would be pretty cold – but we would also see something that no human has ever seen in person, Jupiter in a crescent phase. Since, Jupiter’s orbit is outside Earth’s, the planet always appears full to Earthbound humans.

Juno Spacecraft Captures Jupiter, Io, and Europa in the Same Photo |  PetaPixel
Juno Spacecraft captures Jupiter, Io and Europa in the same photo.

Io and Europa seen on the right portion of this image are two of Jupiter’s moons, and will soon get an up-close and personal look from the NASA’s spacecraft Juno; Europa will be visited in September of this year and Io in late 2023 and early 2024. Despite Europa and Io being celestial cousins, the pair are disparate in their make-up; Io is our solar system’s most volcanic body, while Europa’s surface is covered in ice. Scientists believe that Europa is one of the most promising places in our suitable for life outside of Earth.

Jupiter with Satellites Io and Europa
Half image of Jupiter with its moon Io and Europa

Taken about 38,000 miles from the planet’s surface (61,000 Km) by the Juno spacecraft, this image was compiled from the raw data of JunoCam by citizen scientist Andrea Luck. It shows Jupiter in a crescent phase with two of its moon, Io and Europa, faintly in the upper right portion of the image.

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