Top 5 Easy Jobs in Upwork.

1. Content Writing.

Content Writing jobs is like writing blogs, article in the given topic. The client who don’t have time to write by themselves they will hire you as a co-work. So, if you have a great vocabulary and can play with words, a content writing job on Upwork is for you. It can help you a lot to make money.
In the starting, keep your rates lower, and try to give your best and after you become a pro as a seller you can increase your rate. Ensure your skills get 5 star reviews from client to be more worthy as a seller.

2. Location-based jobs

If someone needs a photographer in a specific location and you really good at it, you can make a good amount of money that way. Like others job can be find and there is lower number of competition and higher chance to get a job.
If you are lucky enough to get that job, remember that it is one of the easiest job to do.

3. Data Entry

In this list how we can forget this data entry job… This is the one of the famous job and also easiest and legit job available on upwork or many others freelancer site. There are many data entry jobs, write a clear and attractive cover letter to catch this job.

4. App and Website testing jobs

The testing website has become usual for may office/companies/groups as before lunching, It’s a kind of a quality assurance job where freelancers monitor website and check whether the web-site possess programming skills.

5. Youtube Thumbnail Creating

This is also the most demanded job in freelancer site. If you have simple photoshop skills you can start this job.

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