“Top 10 Incredible Inventions of the Future”

The Cryptide sneaker" by Stephan Henrich - Sintratec AG
‘The Cryptide Sneaker’ by Stefan Henrich


These sneakers not only have an unusual shape but they were also made in a very special way. The entire shoe is 3D printed and made of a special polymer called TPE which combines flexibility tensile strength and elasticity. The material can withstand temperatures of up to 219.2 degrees fahrenheit and the elements can be as little as 0.04 inches thick.

The creators of these sneakers German Architect and designer Stefan Henrich points out that the unusual shape of the soul was chosen for a reason. The name of the shoe cryptid refers to extinct or mythical creatures. If you walk on the ground in these shoes you can leave footprints like bigfoot.

WayRay Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality interfaces used in the game industry are still far from ideal. But for cars and other equipment a system that displays a lot of useful data on the windshield is already available. According to the developers, the system can be customized to the needs of each user.

For example: Racers would be interested in seeing the optimal trajectory for entering a turn. While ordinary drivers will enjoy the traffic light’s timing system. The display can also be put in water and air vehicles. Moreover this technology can also be integrated into buildings so that you can quickly find out the weather forecast or other data just by looking out the window.

The project team works with the latest solutions in optics holography and chemistry and also develops the necessary software itself.

Controls your smart devices with Padrone Ring
Control your gadgets with the Padrone rings


Why use a computer mouse or a touchpad if we are born with the most advanced pointing device i.e our fingers. Driven by this question experts from Switzerland have created a unique ring. And that allows you to control the cursor scroll. Through pages and perform other familiar operations on the screen with the movements of your fingers.

The ring doesn’t require additional apps. It works via bluetooth and is so well protected against moisture that it can withstand hand or dishwashing. The battery lasts for 24 hours and the device is suitable for both right and left-handed people.

However the authors of the project note that the working surface must be more or less solid and monochrome otherwise there can be errors.

Panasonic Powered Wear: Dust- and Water-Proof ATOUN MODEL Y with Powerful  Motors & Waist-Movement Sensors to Support the Worker's Waist is Available;  Lightweight ATOUN MODEL H with Wire-Type Walking Assistance Technology for  the Elderly is ...
Atoun Tabito 02


The creators of this exoskeleton believe that with it you can run effortlessly on all types of terrain. It was created in Japan the device helps reduce stress on the joints and the waist. Also absorbs some of the shock load inherent in running the manufacturer specializes.

In similar products for example some time before they created an exoskeleton that allows a person to lift 220 and a half pounds to a height of up to 6.6 feet. This model is an auxiliary option suitable for delivery workers or mail carriers.

Kara Pure — Kara Water
Kara Pure


In modern cities in spite of being digital and filled with technology. It is sometimes difficult to find quality drinking water. This generator which provides up to two and a half gallons per day will give us access to clean, tasty and mineral rich water.

A key feature of the generator is the ability to draw water directly from the air. In doing so the water will have an optimal ph index as well as contain Magnesium, Calcium and other elements beneficial for the human. The creator clarifies that if you want the clean and clear skin drink more water of the generator.

The purity of the liquid is guaranteed by the built-in UV Sterilizer. And at the same time the device will clean the air in the room collecting harmful substances in special filters and ensuring an optimal humidity level.

Скачать файл STL Azeron cyborg replica v3.0 • Модель для 3D-печати • Cults
Azeron Cyborg


How can a computer keyboard be improved? The answer is on your screen. This is how specialists from Latvia see the future of this accessory depending on the model. The keyboard of the future offers from 24 to 29 programmable keys.

A joystick and a special five position switch the design allows you to flexibly adjust the keyboard to suit the palm of your hand. To do this you will need a special screwdriver that comes with the device. The device weighs two and a half pounds and is powered by USB.

The internal memory is enough to save several control profiles. Right-handed and left-handed versions are also available. The developers claim that they have managed to combine the advantages of a classic keyboard and a gamepad in one gadget. So we have a question for gamers do you think that this gadget will be convenient to use?

ProDrone PD6B-AW-ARM
ProDrone PD6B-AW-ARM


The world’s first full-size drone with two arms is offered by a team of specialists from Japan. The drone weighs 44 pounds and can hold objects weighing up to 22 pounds in its arms. Its maximum flight speed is 37 miles per hour which for example allows to quickly deliver a life ring to a drowning person.

The drone can fly for 30 minutes on a single charge. It is capable of working in any weather and can climb to an altitude of up to 3.1 miles. The manufacturer is confident that this development will help keep people safe in a variety of scenarios.

For example when working at high altitudes or with dangerous loads.

Bell's Nexus Air Taxi Brings Flying Cars Down to Earth | WIRED
Bell Nexus Air Taxi


Want to turn a 45-minute commute into a 10-minute flight? This might soon become a reality. Thanks to this air cab the five-seater is equipped with powerful engines allowing it to take off and land vertically. The pilot can control the air cab by himself or entrust this process to the autopilot.

There are several versions with different ranges from 60 to 150 miles. The company is confident that these vehicles will be useful for carrying both passengers and cargo.

And in the future will be integrated into urban air mobility systems and they will save time which is the most important resource for most people.

Emerge Home | Feel VR with your bare hands by Emerge — Kickstarter
Emerge Home


This panel made in the US allows you to see and touch various virtual objects. The technology is based on Ultrasonic Waves. Thanks to which the Tactile Sensations are formed at a height of up to three feet above the device and 120 degrees around it.

The panel is made of Polycarbonate weighs 5.7 pounds and is pleasantly compact. It is about the size of a 13-inch laptop. Thanks to these special apps you can build a network of seven devices and interact with other people by shaking hands or playing games.

Ekto One Boots Will Help You "move" In The Virtual World, Staying In Place  In Reality - Gadget Tendency
Ekto One Will Help You To Move In The Virtual World

#10 ‘EKTO ONE’

Tactile sensations are interesting but sitting in an armchair or on a sofa is clearly not good for quality immersion in the virtual world. The creators of these boots want you to walk through the digital reality with your own feet.

The device is made of Carbon Fiber and the boots can be used on top of your usual shoes. Thanks to the special rollers the user walks through the virtual world remaining in place in the real world. And that allows using the boots in small rooms.

At the same time they provide reliable support without turning into roller skates. There is also a technology that prevents motion sickness.

According to the creators their development will help when working with large virtual environments because today digitized objects can reach hundreds of thousands of square feet in size.

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