TMS data center problem disrupts Tuesday’s NEPSE

NEPSE sees a slight rise in the market May 17, Tuesday

KATHMANDU: The Tuesday’s transactions of shares of Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) have been adversely affected by the Trade Management System (TMS) data server problem.

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The stock market experienced the data server problem from first hour. After noticing the problem in the sever, NEPSE notified that the business will be suspended for some time until the problem is resolved. However, as the problem prevailed the transactions could not be continued afterwards.

Due to various technical glitches in the software of the online trading system, the country’s sole secondary market — Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) — has failed to manage online trading system properly.

The technical problems encountered by the stock market’s newly-installed online trading system have significantly reduced the trading volume, eroding the confidence of the stock investors.

“We have been continuously facing problems while trading after Nepse started online trading,” stated Uttam Aryal, chairman of Investors Association of Nepal.

“NEPSE has failed to ease the problem related to the process of registering a client’s details,” he said, adding that stock traders are also unable to view the immediate rates of a company’s share price, among others.

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