The Biggest Scam On The Crypto currency Market : Pi Network

Beware of such scammers who are promise a lot but do nothing!

My justified answer is that this “cryptocurrency” will never be listed, and I mined it a year or two ago but then I realized, I did some research and I came to the conclusion that only those who created it “cryptocurrency” will win!
And why did I come to this conclusion? Read on and I’ll explain exactly why …

I see so many questions from various people that, what is the potential that Pi Network can reach in the future and when will we be paid by those who mined this “cryptocurrency”?

Pi Network says crypto mining is difficult, investing in crypto is risky, and many of us are left out of the crypto revolution.

What should we understand from this?

Pi Network is trying to tell us that they are coming up with a solution. But let’s take each side and explain as best we can how exactly we are to reach a final conclusion!

As Pi Network says that crypto mining is hard, I’m telling you it’s not as hard as it sounds, anyone can mine, but indeed Bitcoin mining has become harder and harder, but that doesn’t mean you you who read this article can not easily mine some cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin or Ethereum!

“Investing in crypto is risky” but isn’t driving risky? And crossing the street on the crosswalk is risky, absolutely everything we do is risky!

“Many are left out of the crypto revolution” Who exactly is left out of the crypto revolution? Those who have not heard of crypto or those who think it is a total scam. It’s nonsense from Pi Network!

Nowadays it is very easy to invest in crypto, but of course, people are left behind by this revolution if they are not educated!

Pi Network is trying to solve something but it doesn’t really solve anything. They try to bring an adoption, to create accessibility to enter the crypto world without risking money.

But how do you make money without risking money? And if you want to mine, you still need a pretty good computer with a good enough video card to mine and make some money.

At the moment, the only ones who make money from Pi Network are the developers. Users, those who mine and enhance the application receive nothing but pi currency and hope that in the future it will be worth something!

Pi mining is quite easy, as they say, every 24 hours you have to press something and start mining, but every time you mine you will receive an Ad, an advertisement. Think about how much money these developers actually made from this project! I tell you, many!

If I can get a good, but you can also get a good, totally free, it means that goodwill never has value! So I answered all your questions about Pi Network!

Beware of such projects, do some research and come to a conclusion. You better learn to invest and enter the crypto world because it’s just the beginning. You still have time to enter, but the sooner the better!

Signed Buzurin Daniel

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