How to find content Ideas for Social Media

Also asked by creator: How to find content for website and blog.

One of the main problems that content creators, website owners and bloggers, face is finding content ideas. The most important thing prior to finding content ideas is selecting a niche. Here are the top sources from which you can get ideas related to your niche. This step is crucial as it’s the founding stone upon which you’ll build your business.

  1. Similar Websites

This is the first logical step to follow. Go to Google, write the topic of your website, aka niche, & Google will list the top related websites. Click on several websites, check if they have blogs, and just scan the topics discussed in their articles. The point here is getting a general idea and not copying the exact content. Copying exactly will walk you through demonetize your website/blog.

  1. H-Supertools

You can go to, click on YouTube Keyword Tool, & then write the title of your niche in the search tab. This tool will provide you with a variety of topics and keywords that you can benefit from as content ideas. In addition to the previous tool, you can use the SEO Questions Explorer tool and search for the title of your niche. This tool will give you a list of questions that are related to your niche.

  1. AnswerThePublic

Type your niche’s title in the search tab & this tool will offer various questions related to your niche which are asked by people. This is a great way to target what interests your future audience.

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