How the 100 followers trend is killing your potential

I bet you have seen tens — if not hundreds already — of articles claiming to have a “magical method” to gain 100 followers. They just spam the tag “100 followers” to exchange follows and claps with other people in order to overcome that milestone. But then what?

Why is it damaging your profile and writer persona?
When starting a writing career — specially a blog or a newsletter page, like medium — you want to find the right audience for you. Most people, like I did, try out stuff until they figure out where they fit best. Others prefer to cover a wider variety of topics, but that’s also okay.
Why is it important to create and establish an audience? Because of how Medium works. Medium detects early interactions with articles, like claps, reads, shares and saves. If, for example, 60 out of your 100 followers click your notification and read your article, Medium will more likely promote it and boost its reach to make it discoverable for more people out there. But if, for example, only 4 or 5 out of 100 people show interest for your article, it is very unlikely that it gets further than that.

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