How can I become a successful entrepreneur?

Start with the correct mindset. Mindset has the most powerful role in your life.

Here’s an illustration:

Back in 1992, my favorite rock band U2 was on their Zoo TV Tour.

The moment I saw the news, I knew I wanted to be in the first row, but it would not be easy to make that happen.

This is what I had to do:

  1. I called my friends to encourage them to come with me.
  2. Some couldn’t make the trip, so I called more friends.
  3. Finally I got two friends committed.
  4. A few weeks later, the moment the tickets were going to be released, I anticipated and was ready to purchase them.
  5. I got the the tickets.
  6. I billed my friends.
  7. I coordinated the trip for the three of us.
  8. I reserved a hotel room.
  9. I rented a car, etc.

About 6 months later, the date finally arrived.

It was a sold-out event and had general admission tickets, so, if we wanted the first row, we needed to be there EARLY!

We drove to the venue and waited for ten long hours outside the the stadium for the doors to open

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