Can I upload same video on YouTube and Dailymotion ?

Related question: Is it possible to upload the same video on YouTube & Daily Motion for monetization with advertisements?

In this question my answer is yes.
You can definitely upload a video on both YouTube and Dailymotion. But you’ll have to keep in mind one important thing. Your content should be original. Don’t use copyrighted material.
You can surely upload the video on both these sites and make money out of it.
You can also try other websites like it’s a pretty good video hosting site.
So go ahead.

How to Transfer Videos From YouTube to Dailymotion


Monetization is only possible on non-copyrighted content
So unless you can trick YouTube into believing that what you’re uploading you hold the rights to No

In simple language

If you are the owner of that video, then yes.

If you are not the owner, then no.

Good luck! 🙂

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