BBS 2nd year model questions | of All Subject

BBS 2nd Year Model Questions

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Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, Examination Controller Division has published a notice which presents the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 2nd year Model Question for all subjects.

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BBS 2nd Year English Note

BBS 2nd Year English Notes PDF

The Second Year Program of BBS
The purpose of the second year program is to provide basic concepts, tools and understanding of the foundation and core courses. The foundations courses are required to develop understand business practices. The core courses provide essentials of learning which are basic in the broad area of business studies. The second-year program is therefore organized into the following core and compulsory courses:

Second Year Subjects:

  1. Business Communication
  2. Macro Economics
  3. Cost and Management Accounting
  4. Fundamentals of Financial Management
  5. Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
BBS 2nd Year Model Questions
BBS 2nd Year Model Questions

The objective of the BBS programme at the Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management, TU is to develop students into competent managers for any sector of organized activity. The programme is based on the principle that graduates will spend a major portion of their life in a constantly changing environment. Therefore, the student should have an opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skills underlying the operation and management of organizations.

Upon graduation, a student should be equipped to function as a manager in business, industry and government. The graduate should also have a variety of career opportunities in different sectors of business including entrepreneurship and create much needed jobs for others.

New Syllabus


Course No.: MGT 205 Full Marks: 100

Nature of the Course: Compulsory Pass Marks: 35

Lecture hour: 150

TheBusiness Communicationcourse contains two components: I. Business English, and II. Problem-solving Approach to Writing Skills. The weightage for the first component is 50% and the secondcomponent is 50%.I. Business English (50%).

The Course

This is a course in English for the workplace. It provides
clear learning aims, targeted to learners’ needs
the grammar, vocabulary, and functions necessary for learners to become operational in a range of professional and social situations
a new approach to grammar which guides learners to work out rules of meaning and usagestrategies for effective vocabulary learning
authentic materials to reflect learners’ needs and expectations.
The course is for mature learners who
need English as a language of international communication in both professional and social contexts
need to review and build on the grammar they have already covered
need to develop fluency and accuracy
need to extend and develop their active and passive vocabulary
have limited time available for study
can develop strategies to enable them to take control of their own learning.

The course is organized around ten broad communicative units: Achievement, Motivation, Communication, The Future, Challenges, Psychology, Creativity, Image, Responsibility, and Security. Each unit begins with an agenda which gives details of the language to be studied in the unit. This is followed by four main parts: Language focus, Word power, Skills focus, and Focus on functions. There is are view unit after every two units.
Language focus presents and practices the target grammar in a context related to the general topic of the unit. It has four stages: an introductory activity, presentation of the target grammar in a realistic context, grammar analysis, and practice.

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