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  1. Farewell – Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca is a Spanish peot and dramatist. He has been a member of the avant-gardism in literature. He is best known for his poetic tragedies, and the passionate emotions of Spanish life. In this poem, he romanticizes the expectations of the speaker after his death, He longs for working his senses even after the death. It is aa far fetched imagination that he sustains after the death. This romantic lyric uses the retrain for the beautiful poetic device. We can say he has compared life and death. Or in another sense, he expects equally the same sense of experience before and after death.

2. The Stronger

August Strindberg, the Swedish dramatist is best known for his writing theme of the naturalism. In this play too, the both characters are trying to justify that they are the strongest and they struggle to establish their existence, superiority over other. As the naturalist character see always struggles against social, natural, economical and psychological forces.

3. Religion and Science

Alfred North Whitehead examines the relation between the science and the religion. The conflict between religion and science is always fruitful to bring the valuable change. When the religion changes in the same sprit of the science, it gets the old power or the religion. We know the clashes of such strict doctrine, surely brings the positive result, and the valuable change emerges from such clashes. Whitehead makes points that the progress for science leads to the progress of religions. The religion is essential to make the progress of science.

4. Girl : Jamaica Kincaid

Jamacia Kunciad, in her story as a monologues traces some gender rules that are still prevailing in our society. These gender rules are very surprising that the rules are gender bias. and most of the gender rules dominate the female gender and more surprisingly the women of the all generations accept that, We can say that we when we have such gender rules in our society, the girls of the new generation would not be able to come with new concept of equality, freedom and women rights.

5. The Ideal of Craftmanship

C. Wright Mills discusses here about the different features of craftsmanship. Craftsmanshiop is related with the task done when the creator does with feel, skill, joy, and satisfaction. He beliefs that the work is connected with the play, and culture. When we find the enjoyments with the work it becomes the culture to enjoy it.

What is Communication?

Answer: Communication is sharing the messages. In our daily life we communicate all the time. We presenting ourselves physically in a room is also a sending a message that we are. The messages that we want to give might be generally two types: the verbal and non-verbal. The verbal are shared through the words that might be written or oral. And non-verbal messages are the messages that are sent via the gestures, pictures, indexes, icons, colours, signs, etc. The appropriate message are sent in appropriate time and space. The situation also affects the exact receiving o the message, to get the exact message.

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